Cheyenne is for web developers to find out where their markup need fixing.

We recognize that markup validation is, for most web developers, probably not a hair-on-fire problem. However, validation is not just an idle curiousity, either. It's about giving your site the polish it deserves.

(That said, improving your markup may be just what you need to boost your SEO ranking a bit. Indeed, your markup might have hair-on-fire isssues that you didn't even know about.)

In our experience, web developers are content to scan their site (possibly with just spot checks) to gather markup validateion data, fix any issues that were identified, possibly scan their site another time to confirm those fixes, and that's it. After those one or two scans, no further work is needed. Cheyenne does not want you to have Yet Another Subscription that you don't use. One can scan the site again, say, in 6-12 months and see if things have changed.

With that in mind, Cheyenne has a pricing model that matches what most web developers would probably want from a validator. Cheyenne is currently not available as a subscription.

At purchase, you can choose how many credits (scans) you would like to be available. The minimum is, of course, one. We recommend two because those allows you confirm that you've fixed all the issues identified in the first crawl. We also offer a 10-pack option if you expect to need crawling your site frequently.

Before purchasing, you are welcome to do a trial scan. Sign up and add your site (domain name) and we'll scan 25 URLs, starting from the root. This ought to give you a sense of what validation with Cheyenne is like. If you like what you see, you can purchase a full scan (or two, or ten).